Clare Wenham

Assistant Professor in Global Health Policy
London School of Economics

Dr Clare Wenham is Assistant Professor of Global Health Policy. She is a co-director of the MSc in Global Health programme and steering group member of the LSE Global Health Initiative.

Dr Wenham’s work for the most part falls in the cross-over between global health and international relations. She focuses on global health governance, health security, surveillance and infectious disease control. In particular, her research concentrates on Zika, Ebola, and more broadly, on the governance structures of the global health landscape and global disease control. Her recent work has appeared in The LancetThird World Quarterly and Global Health Governance.

She previously worked at the Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, delivering a series of projects relating to surveillance and transmission of infectious disease. Prior to this she undertook a PhD in International Relations at the Centre for Health and International Relations at Aberystwyth University examining the tensions between global disease governance and individual state sovereignty. During this time, she was awarded fellowship at the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, and consulted for the Asian Development Bank. Before starting her academic career, Clare worked in public health policy roles at the Faculty of Public Health and for an NHS Trust.

Current research

Dr Wenham’s current research falls into two areas. Firstly, she is working on multiple projects relating to the political concerns of the Zika virus, and the response to the outbreak. The second, more theoretical area of her work considers the role of sovereignty and responsibility in global health – examining how these concepts are embedded into the global health landscape and the structural concerns that they each pose to sustainability and global health security.




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